Summer Sky Ranger

Join the Summer Sky Ranger Squad!

This summer holidays, earn your Sky Ranger badge, join the Spinnaker Tower team as we host six weeks of family fun adventures and fab activities.

From Pirate fun to heroes and villains, chocolate making and dinosaur hunting, each week there will be new Sky Ranger activities and an exclusive Pop Badge for you to collect!

Either enjoy all these activities as part of your general admission ticket, or extend the fun come back time and time again! Get your hands on the Sky Ranger Summer Pass for £25 – return as many times as you like between Monday 22nd July and Friday 30th August!

PIRATE WEEK: Ahoy, Matey!

22nd – 28th July

Calling all buccaneers and landlubbers. Embark on a treasure hunt through the Tower…will an X mark the spot? Decode secret messages, search for pirate loot, and even design your own Jolly Roger flag.

Includes: Pirate trail / Treasure Hunt / Colouring Station / Search the tower for Pirates/ Earn your Sky Ranger Badge


29th July – 4th August

Get ready to explore the depths of the ocean, without getting wet. Follow our undersea adventure trail and craft your own jiggly jellyfish. A fintastic time for all!

Includes: Undersea Adventure Trail / Colouring Station /Make a hanging jelly fish decoration /Earn your Sky Ranger Badge

CHOCOLATE MAKING: Sweet Tower Treats

5th – 11th August

Create your own delicious chocolate lolly, head on a sweet treasure hunt, and even dream up a brand-new chocolate flavour to earn your official Sky Ranger Badge!

Includes: Family Fun Trail / Make your own Chocolate Lolly / Chocolate Treasure Hunt / Colouring Station / Design a new chocolate flavour to earn your Sky Ranger Badge

HORRID HISTORY: Tales in the Tower

12th – 18th August

History has never been so fun (or so horrid)! Head on a towering trail, solve historical clues, and earn your Sky Ranger Badge.

Includes: Fun Trail / Colouring Station / Solve the clues to earn your History Sky Ranger Badge

DINO DISCOVERY: Absolutely Roar-some

19th – 25th August

Join our Dino Hunt, design your favourite dinosaur, and discover fossils to earn your Dino Sky Ranger Badge

Includes: Dino Hunt trail / Design your favourite Dinosaur / Colouring Station / Find the fossil to earn your Dino Sky Ranger Pop Badge

HEROES & VILLAINS: With Great Tower comes Great Responsibility

26th August -1st September

Embark on a super-powered trail, create your own mask, and dress up as your favourite hero (or villain!). It’s time to save (or maybe take over) the world!

Includes: Super Hero Trail/ Story Time / Colouring Station / Dress as your favourite hero / Make a mask and earn your Hero Sky Ranger Badge